The Inner Self Diet – Permanent Weight Loss Coaching for Exceptional Women

Permanent Weight Loss Mentoring Program for Exceptional Women (and a Few Cool Men!)

You’ve heard Oprah speak for years on the topic of your Inner Self as well as interview many guests who address this topic.

Guests such as Iyanla Vanzant, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Maya Angelou and many more, all speaking at various times about the importance of addressing your Inner Self in order to create massive transformation in your life.

Now JoLynn Braley, The F.A.T. Release Coach, is presenting her proprietary, step-by-step proven System to Permanent Weight Loss, The Inner Self Diet™.

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The Inner Self Diet = Freedom

Once you’ve gained freedom from the ongoing struggle with emotional eating, food obsessions and self-sabotage, then it becomes easy and fun to live a healthy lifestyle, which we all know is the ONLY solution for lasting success with your weight.

The Inner Self Diet = Easy Weight Loss

Once you’ve healed the root of your overweight, which is within your Inner Self, then weight loss becomes super easy. Why? Because you don’t feel deprived, depressed, or desperate to lose weight! Why? Because you’re no longer struggling, fighting, and battling with food, your body, or yourself. Just a few of the massive benefits of The Inner Self Diet™.

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Does it make sense to you that weight loss really would be a snap if you could just:

  • Stop binge eating
  • Stop emotional eating
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Get started living a healthy lifestyle
  • Keep going with that healthy lifestyle
  • Stay consistent meal after meal, day after day living a healthy lifestyle
  • Stop living in fear: fear of never losing weight, fear of food, fear of the scale, fear of being thin, fear of being out of control, fear of being in control, fear of what other people think, fear of being fat, fear of change, fear of “missing out”, fear of “giving up” your food that is your lover, best friend, and biggest source of fun in your life.

Does it make sense that if you could resolve and dissolve the blocks within your Inner Self that are stopping you from living a healthy lifestyle that then you’d finally lose weight and keep it off?

Does it make sense that the only reason you have not succeeded in achieving permanent weight loss is because of…. YOU?

What if you could stop wondering, “Why am I so smart and successful professionally but I can’t stop eating and lose weight once and for all? Why can’t I Just Do It??!!”

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