JoLynn Braley Permanent Weight Loss Coach and Founder of The Inner Self DietJoLynn Braley is a permanent weight loss coach and mentor who helps smart, successful women (and a few cool men!) achieve permanent weight loss from the inside out. JoLynn takes a radically different approach than the mainstream diet industry because she knows from personal experience that a diet and exercise program is not enough. What good does it do you to collect more diet and exercise information, if you are unable to take consistent action with it due to ongoing struggles with emotional eating, binge eating, and unconscious self-sabotage?

JoLynn knows what it feels like to struggle with food obsessions and overweight because she’s been there herself! Just like her coaching clients, JoLynn’s struggles started in childhood and no mainstream food diet worked until she did the most important work of all: The Inner Self work.

JoLynn is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Coach who spent over a month in daily, face-to-face training with top NLP trainers in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, in order to get the best certifications possible, from the top NLP trainers in the world. Going even further, JoLynn is also a certified master life coach, a certified master consciousness shifting coach, a certified law of attraction coach, and additionally is gifted as an intuitive coach.

What matters most however, are the struggle-free weight loss Results that JoLynn’s permanent weight loss coaching clients consistently experience from JoLynn personally coaching them through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet.

The Inner Self Diet is the proven, proprietary, step-by-step coaching system to permanent weight loss. The Inner Self Diet ends emotional eating, binge eating, food addiction, food obsession, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage, and any other unhealthy behavior that is currently keeping you stuck, frustrated, and overweight. The Inner Self Diet is NOT another food diet or exercise program. Instead, The Inner Self Diet works from the inside out. HINT: Ninety percent of permanent weight loss is inner game! Only 10% of permanent weight loss is about what you eat and when you exercise. While diet and exercise is definitely an important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle, without the right mindset it’s extremely difficult to live healthy and fit.

Just a few of the common results JoLynn’s coaching clients gain from The Inner Self Diet are:

  • Release of emotional eating
  • Release of binge eating
  • Release of binge/purge cycle
  • Easy weight loss
  • Better sex life
  • Healthier relationships
  • More fun and success with dating
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Stellar self-confidence
  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • More money due to increased confidence
  • True self-love and self-acceptance
  • Inner peace
  • The end of the food and weight struggle
  • Dropping the fat and keeping it off

This is a partial list of the inspiring results JoLynn’s clients receive as a result of The Inner Self Diet. How do they get these results? They do the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet which heals the root of their unhealthy behaviors that put the fat on their body! It’s easy for JoLynn’s clients to go step-by-step through her proven system since JoLynn personally mentors and coaches her clients through each step, offering the much-needed accountability along the way.

Once the root of JoLynn’s coaching clients’ unhealthy behaviors is healed, then it’s easy for them to live a healthy, fit lifestyle! And we all know that a healthy lifestyle is the only solution that works for permanent weight loss. Crazy quick-fix diets never last and only cost the individual years of lost time, opportunity, and joy that they could have been living if only they had healed their Inner Self. No mainstream food diet can heal the root of emotional eating, binge eating, and just plain overeating since healing these unhealthy behaviors is not the job of a food diet or exercise program! It makes sense that this is why 95% of dieters fail: because they are only addressing a small portion of the problem, while leaving out 90% of the solution: their mindset, their Inner Self, their brain patterns, emotional patterns, and so much more that is included within the inner world of the smart professional who wonders “Why can I be so smart and successful professionally BUT I can’t control myself around food? What’s wrong with me?!”

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